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    Our center offers treatment for various diseases including that of shoulder and upper limb, hip, knee, and foot & ankle.

What Our Patients Say

  • I am just emailing to say a massive THANKYOU to Dr James for the amazing job he has done on my feet.

    Everyone has said they have never seen such a great job done, even my Physio (Portland Physio) has said because of seeing how great mine look and how neat the work done that she may get in touch to get hers done!

    So many thanks,

    I forgot what it’s like to not have hurting feet at the end of every day and now I don’t. It’s brill!.

    And they look beautiful too ;)

    By - M D
    08-Aug-2017 02:25 AM
  • I visited Professor Kochhar’s clinic following a year of unsuccessful treatment including an operation through another specialist. He was attentive, thorough, understanding and explained v clearly what the problem was, using a video to help my understanding. The facility to have the ultrasound and steroid treatment in one place within the same appointment was really helpful – and within a week I have better range of movement and less pain.

    I was not happy with my physio and Professor Kochhar referred me to a new physio who I saw this week and am looking forward to working with him.

    I can’t recommend Professor Kochhars one stop shop enough.

    By - Leandra Green
    08-Aug-2017 02:24 AM
  • I have gone to Dr. Kochhar for several years for help in managing joint problems. In all my appointments with him, he has been thorough, cautious and responsive. Let me elaborate further.

    Thorough – before performing any procedures or injections, he was thorough in his evaluation: requesting X-rays, MRI and even a blood test on occasion. Only after results were received, did he proceed to recommend a course of action.

    Cautious – For my series of injections, Dr. Kochhar has proceeded cautiously with small amounts, and only proceeded to larger amounts and eventually radiology-assisted procedures in response to my specific symptoms.

    Responsive – Although surgery has been discussed, Dr. Kochhar has never pushed surgery but rather presented it as an option. Rather we have worked together on pain management strategies short of surgery, which has better matched my London lifestyle and work requirements.

    By - Julie Elward-Berry
    08-Aug-2017 02:23 AM
  • I have been to see Professor Kochhar for a few different shoulder related injuries. In each case, he has provided an excellent level of customer service. In many cases, Professor Kochhar was able to see me on very short notice and was able to provide treatment (including scans) within a couple of hours.

    For the most serious injury (Grade III AC joint separation), Professor Kochhar performed surgery to repair the joint. The recovery has gone very smoothly and I am very happy with the results. All-in-all, he has provided a high level of professionalism and quality combined with an ability to put his patients at ease.

    By - Tom Deex
    08-Aug-2017 02:22 AM
  • I first met Professor Kochhar when I went to him for my tennis elbow(s) which have been plaguing me since when I can remember. When I first walked into his office, I remember immediately feeling at ease and safe with him which is a feeling that I don’t often get when I first see doctors which means a lot to me especially if they are to look after me or eventually maybe even operate on me.

    I must still apologise for my first comment to him “Are you good at injecting?”, I can only say that after a few injections into my tennis elbows by other doctors it was a normal enough question where the pain was excruciating but with Professor Kochhar I can only say that this question was unnecessary as he has got to be the “Best” and had a sense of humour with it and just laughed and said “I have been known to be not bad.”

    This gentle man really goes out on the limb to make sure you get sorted & better, he on my 3rd visit when I was getting problems with my back asked his colleague next door to view me on the same day squeezing me in to talk to me about what my options were to sort out my back, this is a Doctor who cares and I would recommend him, in fact I have sent my sister to him who has recently been operated on her shoulder by him and I think another member of my family will also shortly be visiting him too.

    Thank you Professor Kochhar for caring and being a good Doctor.

    By - Gudula Becker
    08-Aug-2017 02:21 AM

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